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CoolSculpting Elite Treatment Areas

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Thanks to technological advances, CoolSculpting Elite can help contour more CoolSculpting Elite treatment areas for Atlanta patients than traditional CoolSculpting. At Keller Aesthetic Specialists, we provide CoolSculpting Elite treatments to help patients address a number of areas of the body.


CoolSculpting Elite can treat all areas of the back. Excess fat deposits can develop in the upper back above the bra strap, the middle back near the waist, and the lower back until the upper parts of the buttocks. The improved applicators have no issue treating these back areas.

Belly Fat

Women who want to lose their belly fat can achieve significant fat reduction using CoolSculpting Elite. The tummy is contoured by reducing the subcutaneous abdominal fat. It is important to remember that visceral fat will not be affected by the treatment.

Love Handles

CoolSculpting Elite can contour away love handles, the frustrating fat deposits that form on either side of the waist above the hips. Both men and women can easily develop love handles. They form due to several factors, including aging, hormones, an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, health conditions that slow down metabolism, and increased intake of sugar, fat, and calories.

Male Chest

Excess fat deposits in the male chest can create “man boobs,” leading to body-image issues and decreasing a man’s feeling of masculinity. CoolSculpting Elite can effectively remove excess fat in the chest area, resulting in a more masculine chest.


Excess fat buildup in the neck area can create a double chin and a neck that looks out of shape. CoolSculpting Elite has no problem significantly reducing the fat deposits in the neck and the area beneath the chin (the submental area).


The thighs can easily build up excess fat that is very difficult to get rid of. The fat deposits in both the inner and outer thighs can cover large areas. CoolSculpting Elite easily treats these larger areas, eliminating significant amounts of fat.

Upper Arms

Excess fat deposits in the upper arms can greatly impact the arms’ overall appearance. A lot of patients are uncomfortable showing their upper arms due to this sagging fat. CoolSculpting Elite can accurately target these upper-arm areas, reducing stubborn fat.

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Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting Elite?

Patients who are at or near their ideal body weight are good candidates for CoolSculpting Elite. Candidates should have no upcoming pregnancy or weight-change plans. Candidates should be willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and regular exercise to prevent future fat buildup.

Your Consultation

Your CoolSculpting Elite consultation will start by discussing your areas of concern. A physical evaluation will be performed, and your complete medical history will be discussed.

A personalized CoolSculpting Elite plan will be developed according to the treatment areas and your desired results. All of your questions will be properly answered during the consultation.

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Contact Us to Learn More

For inquiries regarding all of the possible CoolSculpting Elite treatment areas, Atlanta patients should contact Keller Aesthetic Specialists. Get in touch today to set up a consultation./schedule-aesthetic-consultation-atlanta/

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