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Real Results

Coolscupting Before and AfterCoolscupting Before and After

Real Results

Coolscupting Before and AfterCoolscupting Before and After

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CoolSculpting procedure
CoolSculpting procedure
CoolSculpting procedure
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"Travis is extremely
knowledgeable and professoinal.
He helped me set realistic expectations and never tried to oversell me on things I don't need. He's a rare find in Atlanta for sure."
- Lindgren
"I wasn't totally convinced
about coolsculpting. After talking to Travis, I went for it. Such an easy procedure... I'm excited to see my results in a few months.
Travis is amazing!"
- Mathias
"You walk your clients through the process as if they are your best friend. Honesty is a rare quality in business these days but you have it. Putting the customer first is very evident. Highly recommend!"
~ Damakowski
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CoolSculpting process
CoolSculpting before and after

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

Belly Fat

Most women who are trying to lose weight want to target their midsection and reduce the appearance of belly fat. CoolSculpting can address stubborn subcutaneous abdominal fat for a trim tummy. It is important to remember that it cannot treat visceral fat, the excess fatty tissue that surrounds the organs in the abdomen.


Excess neck fat and a double chin make you look out of shape and much older than you actually are. Even though neck fat is typically associated with weight gain, it can appear even when a person is not overweight. CoolSculpting can provide effective contouring by destroying fat cells in the neck and the submental region (the area below the chin).

Upper Arms

Upper arms are among the most problematic areas when it comes to stubborn fat. When the bottoms of the arms droop, these are often called bingo wings or bat wings.

Due to insecurity about this issue, people often hide their arms by wearing long sleeves during the summer. CoolSculpting reduces the pockets of excess fat that create the appearance of bingo wings.

Love Handles

Love handles are the flabby areas extending outward from the hips caused by fat retention. If you wear tight clothing, they can appear even more pronounced.

The factors contributing to the formation of love handles are hormones, age, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation, untreated or undiagnosed conditions slowing down the metabolism, and a diet high in sugars, fat, and calories.

With the help of CoolSculpting, patients can contour away stubborn love handles, helping them achieve a fitter and slimmer appearance.


Excess fat on the inner thighs and outer thighs leads to discomfort in clothing and embarrassment when wearing swimsuits. Whether you want to tone your legs or feel more confident in a skirt or shorts, CoolSculpting is the ideal treatment option. It can effectively sculpt the thighs to make discomfort disappear.


There are different areas that can be affected by back fat. This includes the upper back, where excess fat bulges over the bra strap; the mid-back near the waist; and the lower back, where fat looks pronounced right above tight pants. These are troublesome areas that are hard to tone, but with CoolSculpting, you’ll be able to precisely contour them.

Male Chest

Male chest fat is the excess fat in the chest that gives the appearance of enlarged breasts, commonly called man boobs. When stubborn fat is causing the development of this condition, called pseudogynecomastia, it can be reduced with the help of CoolSculpting.


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During your first visit, you will meet with Medical Aesthetician Travis Keller, who has specialized training and decades of experience as an Aesthetic Practitioner. Together, you and Keller will discuss your body goals and what options will be right for you. You will be able to look over CoolSculpting before and after photos and ask any questions you may have.

Our office only uses state-of-the-art proven effective technologies like CoolSculpting, BTL Vanquish ME, VelaShape and Exilis ULTRA to achieve maximum outcomes with body reshaping.

Keller will work with you to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your fat freezing needs. Most treatment plans consist of one to six office visits depending on treatment devices used, with treatment times as little as 35 minutes.

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During your office visit, you will relax in one of our beautifully decorated rooms equipped with wifi, flat screen televisions, and an array of refreshments. Keller will review your goals and expectations and begin placing markings on all desired areas to be treated. From there, he will place a gel pad and applicator to the targeted area. The applicator will deliver controlled cooling energy to freeze your fat.

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After the CoolSculpting treatment, most people return to work immediately and can resume their normal activities.

Over the next few weeks following your CoolSculpting procedure, cells known as macrophages begin to consume the dead fat cells. These cells are naturally eliminated by the body, resulting in a 25 to 35% fat reduction.

CoolSculpting before and after


Q. Which areas of the body can be treated using CoolSculpting?
A. With this procedure, patients can experience a reduction in stubborn belly fat and show off a contoured and fit tummy. CoolSculpting can also freeze fat away in a variety of other areas. These include the neck, upper arms, love handles, inner thighs, outer thighs, hips, back, buttocks, and male chest.
Q. How much does it cost to do CoolSculpting?
A. Pricing for CoolSculpting varies depending on your areas of concern and the number of treatments needed. Our CoolSculpting Practitioner will create a customized treatment plan, in person, tailored to your body, your goals, and your budget.
Q. Is CoolSculpting considered permanent?
A. YES! CoolSculpting permanently destroys fat cells unlike diet and exercise that shrink cells. The number of fat cells won't increase if you gain weight, but the fat cells that are there will expand. It is recommended to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle once completing your CoolSculpting procedure.
Q. How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need?
A. In general, most patients require 1-2 CoolSculpting treatment sessions in each area treated. The amount of treatments needed depends on one’s desired expectations and outcomes. During your consultation with our practice, your CoolSculpting specialist will access all desired areas to be treated while creating a customized treatment plan.
Q. Does CoolSculpting tighten skin?
A. CoolSculpting is only FDA cleared for skin tightening of the submental area (chin/neck). Other areas of the body may experience some degree of skin tightening, however, currently there are no FDA clearances. Our office offers the FDA Cleared Exilis Ultra as an alternative for skin tightening of the face and body.
Q. Is CoolSculpting covered by insurance or FSA?
A. No, CoolSculpting is a cosmetic treatment, so its cost is not normally covered by insurance or FSA companies. Alternately, our office does offer financing options with United Medical Credit. Please visit our “Financing” page for details.
Q. Does CoolSculpting get rid of cellulite?
A. CoolSculpting is best suited for fat reduction but may help contribute to cellulite reduction in localized areas where treated. Currently there are no FDA clearances for cellulite reduction with this technology, however, our office offers VelaShape and Exilis Ultra, both of which are FDA Cleared for cellulite and skin tightening.
Q. How long does it take to recover from CoolSculpting?
A. Most people resume normal day-to-day activities immediately after with no recovery process required. In some cases, minor redness, swelling, bruising, and soreness may occur in the treated area(s), all minor side effects typically subside within a one to three weeks.
Q. Should I wear compression garments after CoolSculpting?
A. After your CoolSculpting treatment it is very common for the treated area to feel and look swollen for one to three weeks after CoolSculpting. Compression tights such as yoga pants, Spanx, or athletic tights may be worn during this period to help reduce any swelling or tenderness. Please note this will not have any impact on the treatment efficacy.


Find out more about CoolSculpting in Atlanta – contact Keller Aesthetic Specialists today to schedule your personalized consultation with Medical Aesthetician Travis Keller.

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