Be You (tiful) Body Pledge

Our Practice and Coolsculpting

Back in 2012, I became interested in this new state of the art technology called CoolSculpting. This innovative procedure caught my eye as there was nothing else on the market that permanently eliminated fat with no surgery or downtime.

Since then, my patients’ results have spoken for themselves. While there are now other fat reduction devices on the market, CoolSculpting® has the most extensively documented record of safety and effectiveness.

My practice is committed to ensuring our patients are able to receive effective CoolSculpting® treatments no matter what shape they may be, which is why we possess the entire range of CoolSculpting® applicators. During your complimentary consultation, I will discuss these aspects in more detail, along with how the treatment process will be customized for your specific body and goals.

I am so certain our CoolSculpting® treatments work that we have made a firm “Be You (tiful) Body Pledge” to all our patients. This pledge was put in place to share our confidence in the Coolsculpting technology and achieving the best possible results for anyone looking to reduce exercise-resistant fat without surgery.

I stand by this procedure and the 4000+ treatments I have performed personally, and the millions of treatments performed worldwide by experienced providers. Body sculpting requires experience, knowledge, and a trusting relationship between patient and provider, so that there will not be money, time, or effort wasted.

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