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Micro-Needling is a new therapy that can be used for the treatment of hair loss. This process uses the Nano Pore micro-needling device to precisely drive small fine needles into the skin layers. In response to these tiny puncture holes the body begins to produce chemical factors known to make your scalp and hair thrive.

What is Nanopore Micro-Needling For Hair Loss?

Nano Pore Micro-Needling involves the application of medical grade topicals penetrated into the scalp tissue using controlled needling injury. These pinpricks are barely visible to the human eye.

The theory behind the micro-needling process is a controlled injury that encourages the production of collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body making it central to maintaining scalp health.

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Q. Does nanopore micro-needling for hair loss work?

A. Does micro-needling truly work? The answer is yes, but this is dependent on the true cause of your hair loss. If your hair loss arises from medical conditions such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or stress, you might want to reconsider addressing these underlying conditions first with your dermatologist or healthcare provider.

Individuals suffering from androgenic alopecia are best candidates for the Nano Pore Micro-Needling procedure. Clinical studies have demonstrated how this procedure leads to denser and stronger scalp follicles. These follicles produce healthier hair, making micro-needling worth the effort.

As mentioned in studies highlighting micro-needling’s efficacy through strengthening the scalp follicles, other areas of research have discovered the chemical pathways behind its successfulness. A study published found that it activates the Wnt/B-catenin pathway, this signal-conducting pathway allows cells to work and communicate with each other. It also promotes expression of VEGF, which is a vascular growth factor. In other words, more development of blood vessels in the area allowing for better oxygen delivery and removal of toxins.

Q. How many nanopore micro-needling treatments must I have?

A. As every patient is different in how they respond to micro-needling treatments, the average patient may require four to six treatments spaced every four to six weeks apart. It is important to note that the patient uses any topical home care products recommended by your practitioner.

Q. Does nanopore micro-needling for hair loss hurt?

A. Prior to the NanoPORE micro-needling treatment, an anesthetic gel is gently applied over the target areas ensuring that patient will feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Several micro injuries are made on the skin penetrating the dermal layer of the skin. So, you might feel slight discomfort and its intensity depends on the sensitivity of your skin.

Q. Are there any side effects with nanopore micro-needling?

A. As with any treatment, some patients may experience some of the following: mild temporary redness in the area of treatment, fluid release from follicles, milia, or exacerbation of dermatological conditions.

Q. When will I begin to see results with nanopore micro-needling?

A. It can take up to nine months for micro-needling to reveal its effects on the skin. Studies have noted changes within three months of treatment, and more full effects after six months. The exact timeline will vary, using the prescribed topicals as directed will further assist in this process.

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