Micro-Needling for Anti-Aging Atlanta

Multiple factors such as stress, eating habits, sun damage and the wear of time, affect our skin’s health and beauty.  Micro-needling is a treatment that creates thousands of micro-channels in the skin with varying depths.

  • Promotes the healthy growth of collagen and elastin through the natural repairing mechanisms of the skin, responsible for a younger, more beautiful, healthier skin.
  • Supports the transport of active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin, thus enhancing the treatment effectiveness.
  • Improves the communication between skin cells. These cells send out signals that help maintain barrier function, pigmentation, and collagen and elastin development.
  • Micro-needling boosts collagen production by tricking your skin into repair mode, producing a release of growth factors.
  • Heals scars by producing collagen while breaking up scar tissues beneath the skin, making it a very useful treatment for post trauma scarring, acne scarring, as well as post surgical scars.
  • Enhances better penetration of skincare
Yes. Professional devices have the ability to achieve up to 2.5 mm depths, where at home devices cannot achieve this depth level. Depths 1.5 mm and deeper allow for collagen regrowth as well as the ability to treat surgical scarring, acne scarring and keloid scarring.
Micro-needling treatments are performed every four to six weeks for a series of four to six treatment sessions depending on your needs. Your clinician will determine the amount of treatment sessions and frequency needed for optimal results.
Discomfort from the micro-needling procedure is very mild, most procedures require no topical anesthetic. Mild redness may result only lasting just a few days while some patients may notice pinpoint bleeding following the procedure, lasting just a few hours.
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