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We all know just how great a role healthy skin plays in helping us maintain a vigorous, healthy, and a youthful appearance. Sometimes your skin needs a little TLC in order to maintain its fresh, healthy glow.

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Facial Treatments

Illuminance Glow Facial:  Get your best glow, crafted to deliver a flawless looking complexion using an innovative blend of vitamin c, kojic, and lactic acids.  Your skin will feel transformed as this ritual instantly reveals a more luminous looking tone and smooth, even texture for radiant, event-ready skin.   $125

Complexion Perfection Facial: Achieve balance and improve the look of skin’s tone and texture with a complete complexion perfecting reset. Harnessing the power of customized exfoliants and masking therapy, you’ll be polished to perfection to reveal soft, even, vibrant skin. A soothing massage ensures both you and your skin are left feeling healthy, balanced and renewed. Comes with the option of Level one or two peeling.  $125

Quench Infusion facial: Quench thirsty skin with this reviving deep hydration treatment, designed to replenish skin to give you a soft, plump, and lifted look.  This moisturizing treatment will give your skin essential hydration for long-lasting comfort. Comes with the option of Level one or two peeling.   $125

True Comfort Soothing Facial: A truly soothing and calming facial suitable for irritated or inflamed skin, helping to restore the skin’s defense system. A hydrating cleanse is followed by a mild exfoliant designed specially for super sensitive skin. Gentle serums and masking therapy reduce redness and inflammation while working to restore the skin’s natural barrier. Due to the nature of sensitive skin, we recommend only Level one exfoliation with this facial. $125


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